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About Frog Lotus Yoga

How long have we been training teachers?

Frog Lotus Yoga are proud to have trained over 3,000 yoga teachers by way of one hundred plus 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs across the past 21 years. The result - world-class, refined, polished and comprehensive yoga teacher trainings that produce educated and confident teachers. 

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What are our school values?

At Frog Lotus Yoga, we make our decisions based on these 5 core values:

  • A Standard of Excellence: We design and create highly effective yoga teacher trainings for teachers, aspiring teachers and yogi practitioners. We endeavour to improve our offerings every time by implementing changes based on our students' feedback. 

  • Intelligence and Creativity: Frog Lotus Yoga's style intelligently weaves together elements of many different styles of Yoga that our founder, Vidya Heisel, has studied. These include Iyengar, Ashtanga, Forrest, and Kundalini Yoga styles. Our trainings are designed to give you the know-how to teach this innovative style with intelligent and creative flowing sequences.

  • Safety and Longevity: Based on the latest science to better understand the amazing ways the body works, the Frog Lotus Yoga style focusses on safety, accessibility and longevity for all levels of yogi practitioners.

  • Life Learning and Growing: We're dedicated to support you on your yoga journey, as a teacher and of course as a practitioner. We offer ongoing mentorship, support and continuing education for all graduates. We are so grateful for you - you help us build the future of the school with your feedback!

  • Philosophical Perspective of Yoga: We hold a profound respect to all of our teachers and the origins of the sacred practice of yoga. We will find that we are dedicated to delivering a complete teaching of Yoga far beyond purely the physical practices so as to engender your personal understanding and transformation.

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Is Frog Lotus Yoga an accredited  school?

Frog Lotus Yoga is accredited by the world’s most recognized and credible yoga organizations: Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals.

What are our teaching ethics?

Frog Lotus Yoga respects everyone equally regardless of race, religion or sexual identification. We embrace diversity and observe policies that apply equally to everyone:

RESPECT: As yoga teachers, we a
lways treat our students with respect at all times both on and off the mat.

KINDNESS: We behave with
 compassion, patience, understanding, modesty and stay calm with our students.

: We m
aintain a friendly professional distance from our students and direct them to professionals for advice.

: We are a
lways honest about our own level of experience, knowledge and physical limitations. We remain humble.

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What do I do if I have complaints or feedback?

Any and all complaints and/or feedback are taken very seriously and managed promptly by our management team. Please send any queries or concerns to and expect a reply within 72 hours.

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Our Yoga Teacher Trainings

How much does our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training cost?

We offer two different 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings; one online and one in-person:

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Andalusia, Spain:
Total cost of the training = Tuition cost + Accommodation cost
  • Tuition cost (Including VAT and Training Manual) is €,2000
  • Accommodation cost depends on your accommodation choice and include three delicious daily organic meals and the use of the retreat centre facilities.

For example, if you choose the Bell Tent accommodation option: 
Total cost of the training = €2,000 + €1,365 = €3,365 

200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training:
The total cost of the training is €1399

To learn more about our different trainings: click here

What's included in the tuition cost?

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Andalusia, Spain:
Alongside the program and teachings, your training manual is included in the tuition cost. Any other required texts must be purchased separately. Suryalila Retreat Centre may have a limited number of copies of required reading in the Shakti Boutique shop, but we cannot guarantee this. Therefore, you may wish to purchase your books in advanced from an outside source.

Accommodation, food and travel expenses are not included in the tuition cost.

To learn more about accommodation options at Suryalila Retreat Centre: click here

200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training:
Alongside the self-paced content and live sessions, your training manual is included in the tuition cost. Any other required texts or videos must be purchased separately. 

How long does the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training take to complete?

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Spain:
Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Andalusia, Spain, is a three week intensive residential course.

Each day requires a 9 to 10 hour commitment with one day off per week.

200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training:
Our 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training is a four month intensive course.

Each week requires a 10 to 12 hour commitment.

What to bring to Spain for the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

The Yoga books on our reading list. All toiletries you may require. Notebook and pens, yoga clothes, slippers or indoor shoes (many areas in Suryalila are shoe-free so it's very helpful to have slip-on shoes!) Good walking shoes – trainers/sneakers are ok. An alarm clock, book reading light, your laptop (there is free wireless internet). Your camera, earplugs, sleeping mask (easier when sharing a room). Arnica or China gel, and wrist or knee supports can also be helpful. Swimwear for our salt-water pool and eco-sauna. 
We will give you a hard copy of the training manual on your arrival, so there is no need to print one.
We do provide yoga mats and all yoga props for the training so you do not need to bring your own unless you prefer to. 

Our Credentials

What our graduates are saying about Frog Lotus Yoga.

Frog Lotus Yoga International has an exceptional Yoga Alliance School Rating of 4.7 out of 5 from reviews provided by our graduates.  

See all our Yoga Alliance reviews here.

After each training we collect feedback from our graduates. These testimonials help us to improve our trainings year after year.

To read our graduates testimonials click here.

Our Retreat Centre

Where is our retreat centre located?

Nominated as one of the Best Yoga Retreats by Yoga Journal 2019, Suryalila is a stunningly beautiful all-inclusive  Yoga Retreat Centre in the heart of Andalusia, Southern Spain.

Located in a renovated olive farm, Suryalila is Sanskrit for “Cosmic Play of the Sun”. Suryalila hosts all of the Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Suryalila Retreat Centre
Pago del Pagarete
Cortijo La Fabrica
11650 Villamartín, Cádiz, Spain

Google map

To learn more about Suryalila click here.

Which is the closest airport to Suryalila?

When making your flight arrangements please note that the latest check in time at Suryalila is 21:15.

The best cities to fly to are: 
  • Sevilla (75 min away)
  • Jerez de la Frontera (50 min)

  • Malaga (120 min away)

After enrolment you will have the possibility to book a return airport transfer direct to Suryalila.

Where do we practice yoga?

Suryalila offers three gorgeous yoga spaces for our yoga teacher trainings fully equipped with the highest quality props provided by Manduka. These include Pro Mats, blocks, straps, bolsters and eye pillows.

A state of the art yoga hall inside a beautiful geodesic dome, resembling a Nepalese temple. It's something to behold! You will practice everyday during your yoga teacher training overlooking a massive bay window to one of the best views in Andalusia - beautiful rolling hills and a ruined monastery alongside world class acoustics!

The Om Dome has capacity for 60 yogis.

Ganesha is a beautiful yoga hall with a wooden beamed ceiling and polished wood floors. It has windows on both sides which allow for plenty of light and refreshing ventilation. There is an attached balcony with beautiful views of the Andalusian hills.

Ganesha has capacity for 30 yogis. 

The Moon Shala is a wonderful organic structure located in our olive grove. The floor is made from local pine, whilst the wooden high ceiling resembles the inner structure of an umbrella. Beautiful murals painted by our volunteers, grace the walls. It's a treasure of a cosy yoga space where the atmosphere inside feels like the building itself is a living, breathing organism. 

The Moon Shala has capacity for 15 yogis.

What is the food like?

The Suryalila Kitchen specialises in gourmet international vegetarian cuisine. We use only the freshest, seasonal and locally-sourced organic fruits and vegetables available. Eggs from our own happy chickens are gathered daily. Since we are vegetarian, our birds have long and happy lives, as do all the animals on-site!

We can accommodate vegan, gluten-free, and non-dairy diets
, so if you have any special dietary restrictions, just let us know upon your booking.

We produce our own olives and olive oil as well as many of our own fruits and vegetables. Everything we grow is organic without the use of any chemicals or fertilisers. We have many fruit trees including fig, peach, pear, apricot, pomegranate, apple trees, and grape vines. In the cooler months we like to grow plenty of green vegetables  including kale, different varieties of cabbage and lettuce. In the summer, we have an abundance of heritage tomatoes. 

We believe that how and where you eat is as important as what you eat! We provide dining tables for both indoor and outdoor dining so that you can eat in our beautiful dining room, or enjoy your meals al fresco, entertained by the stunning sunsets over the Andalucian hill-towns.

What facilities do we offer?

Amrita bar is a vibrant addition to our Retreat Centre. We offer a menu of cold pressed organic juices, scrumptious smoothies, delicious snacks, Kombucha and health-conscious hot drinks such as spicy Indian Chai, Vegan Bullet proof coffee, Ceremonial cacao, and Golden Milk. All of these contains a rich super blend of healthy spices for you to try!

Relax and refresh in our natural salt water pool set amidst the stunning and vast vistas of the beautiful Spanish countryside. Summer months in Andalusia average around 30º Celsius, so taking a dip in the pool is likely to be a regular activity for you!

Enjoy the  detoxifying and rejuvenating affect of our cosy sauna, built entirely with natural materials. The salt water swimming pool is right next door creating the perfect combination of intense heat followed by an ice plunge - it's delicious especially in the winter months. 

Relax, contemplate and revel in the expansive panoramic views Suryalila hosts. We recommend you try any of our lovely pagodas, hammocks under the olive trees and artfully placed benches in time for the glorious sunrises and sunsets.

Discover everything you need to enhance your yoga lifestyle and education in the inspiring Shakti Boutique. Our yoga props, clothing, jewellery, books, cosmetics and gifts provide you with a perfect opportunity to share a little bit of the Suryalila paradise with your loved ones and take a little extra back home with you!

What services do we offer?

Suryalila Retreat Centre always has highly trained and insured massage therapists in residence for both warm and caring massages. Treat yourself and recover from the yoga teacher training with Thai Yoga, Deep Tissue, Ayurvedic or Aromatherapy massages.

Laundry and dryer machines are at your disposal in the retreat centre so you can take care of your clothes during your stay.

The Suryalila Retreat Centre Office are delighted to offer services to guests in need of printing (boarding passes), phone calls, faxing, photocopying, access to a computer and/or use of the projector & audio equipment. Please contact Suryalila if you have any special needs not listed here and we will endeavour to accommodate your needs.

We can provide you with a wide variety of maps, tourist information and bus schedules for the nearby towns and local attractions.

WiFi is available throughout the Suryalila Retreat Centre grounds, so you can enjoy Internet access at your convenience.

Can I come with my pet?

Under certain circumstances and only upon special request may Suryalila Retreat Centre allow you to come with your pet. Please contact the booking team: click here.


I don't want to share. How can I select private accommodation? 

Suryalila Retreat Centre offers several accommodation options. You can choose to have a private bathroom, a double bed, and shared or sole occupancy.

Please note that after enrolment, you will have the opportunity to book your accommodation as well as access to our online modules with additional free content and all the information you need to prepare for your arrival.

What are the room options? 

All our accommodation options include three delicious daily organic meals and the use of Suryalila facilities. Prices vary for shared accommodation.

DELUXE DOUBLE: double bed most spacious rooms with private bathroom.

SUPERIOR DOUBLE: double bed rooms with shared bathroom. 

TWIN ROOM: single bed rooms with shared bathroom.

MINI DORM: four single bed dormitory with shared bathroom.

BIG DORM: eight single beds dormitory with shared bathroom. 

ECO CASA: eco-building with a choice of hot outdoor shared showers and compost toilets. 

TRIPLE YURT: a traditional Mongolian shared yurt with a choice of hot outdoor shared showers and compost toilets.

GLAMPING TENT: luxurious tent with a choice of hot, outdoor shared showers and compost toilets.
A gentle reminder that after enrolment you will have the opportunity to book your accommodation as well as receive access to our online modules and all the information you need to prepare for your arrival.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

What's our cancellation and refund policy?

Frog Lotus Yoga Cancellation Policy (for tuition cost only):
Due to limited places, cancellations must be made 21 days before the scheduled training. You can cancel by email. Should you not attend your training, the tuition fee can be retained for one year as credit for future training at Frog Lotus Yoga International. After one year, the credit will be forfeited. Any cancellation due to serious personal illness or force majeure made before the training will be refunded in total. You can also reschedule your training as described above.
Payments are non-refundable after training begins. Should you leave during the training for personal reasons, we allow you to come back within one year to complete your training without paying additional tuition fees.
We strongly advise all participants to have their own travel insurance.

Suryalila Cancellation Policy (for accommodation cost only):
If you cancel more than two weeks before your booked arrival date, we can return your payment, less 15% for admin costs. If you cancel less than two weeks before your booked arrival date, we can return your payment, less 50%. If you cancel less than forty-eight hours before your booked arrival date, you will not receive a refund.
Once you arrive, there is no refund if you decide to shorten your stay for any reason. Please note in the event of a refund, we are not responsible for any bank charges incurred.
Modifying your booking:
Any difference in costs due to a change in your booking will be subject to the same cancellation conditions above. 

What if I cannot travel due to COVID-19?

Frog Lotus Yoga Cancellation Policy (for tuition cost only):
Any cancelation due to border closures, lock downs or a positive COVID-19 test will be refunded in total. You can also reschedule your training as mentioned above. To receive the refund, you will need to provide either: a proof of a positive test that has been authorised by your doctor or an official laboratory. 

Suryalila Cancellation Policy (for accommodation cost only):
If you are prevented from travelling because of travel restrictions due to Covid-19 (either in your own country or in Spain); or, because you have tested positive for covid then you will receive a credit to use on another booking. To receive this, you will need to provide either: a proof of a positive test that has been authorised by your doctor or an official laboratory. This credit can only be used toward independent stays at our Yoga Hotel or on Suryalila run retreats. The credit will be valid for 12 months.

Is my payment secure?

The information on our payment pages is processed and encrypted securely using industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools.

All your payments will go through Stripe services,  a PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. 

To learn more about Stripe security:
click here

What are my payment options?

Other payment plans are available, please inquirePAYMENTS IN FULL
Secure your spot and enroll today with a one time lump-sum payment.

For each training, we also offer the opportunity to pay via instalments. You must pay a deposit first, followed by monthly instalments beginning one month later. 

For example, for the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Andalusia, Spain:
  • Deposit of €800 the day of enrollment
  • One month later and for the following two month, installments of €600
  • Total payment plan:  €2000

Other payment plans are available, please inquire.
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