Nov 3 / Alice Winborn

The magic of our January 200 hour yoga teacher training

January is traditionally seen seasonally as one of the bleakest points of the year, a time when the light has all but dimmed and the nights are long. Christmas and the accompanying festivities are over and the year stretches ahead. This might not seem like the best time to do a 200 hour yoga teacher training, but our January training is actually one of our most special. 

Firstly, there are the environmental factors: the colder weather makes for cosy log fires and long evenings of chatting and playing games with fellow students. You can make the most of the beautiful sauna at Suryalila, warming up before taking a dip in the ice cold swimming pool under the light of a thousand glittering stars. There are blankets, cups of tea, shared stories to soothe the soul … Of course, Suryalila is also in southern Spain so even though it is cooler and wetter than at other points of the year, there are also plenty of sunny, warm days and bright skies to shake the winter blues away. 

This is also a time of year when traditionally we are drawn inwards. Students have the opportunity to reflect on what has drawn them to the path of yoga and really embrace the transformational possibilities of the training.  Away from the familiarity of home and immersed in the yogic teachings and way of life, we can question the fabric of our lives and our choices. In the peace and silence of January days, many students have come to realisations that have led them to take a different path from the one that they had envisioned for themselves. This also tends to be the smallest training group of the year, which makes it a particularly friendly and supportive environment. 

Finally, this is the beginning of a new year and therefore a sacred time. The new year carries the seed energy of the next cycle. Knowing this, it is vital that we set our intentions for the coming year in a positive and authentic way and also that we initiate action to achieve our dreams (through taking this training for example!) This is the moment for renewal and for starting again so please don’t miss this opportunity to take the next steps towards your new future. 

NB. We offer a 200 euros discount off the tuition for the January teacher training so it is also our cheapest training of the year! 
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Discover Winter Bliss in Southern Spain!

In winter at Suryalila, fresh mornings invite you to awaken your senses, afternoons are for chilling out by the pool or pagodas and cool evenings call for cosying up by the log fire. The region enjoys a Mediterranean climate, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a winter escape with a touch of warmth and sunshine.


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