The truth about Flexibility

Dec 28 / Katrina Petney
In a world dominated by social media, where picture-perfect yoga poses flood our feeds, it's easy to fall into the comparison trap. Our Anatomy Teacher, Katrina, offers a refreshing reminder that not every yoga posture is meant for everyone, and that's perfectly okay. She poses some thought-provoking questions: 

Do you struggle with a particular yoga posture, feeling like it's an unattainable feat for you? Have you heard the common advice, "Keep practicing, and you'll get there"? What if Katrina tells you that this may or may not be the case?
According to Katrina, there's a reality check we all need – some yoga postures might never be in the cards for us, and that's not a reflection of our dedication or flexibility.

For instance, getting your heels on the ground in downward facing dog might be an everlasting challenge, regardless of your practice duration. And attempting a full lotus pose could pose risks to your knee joint.

The crucial question arises: How do you distinguish between a challenging yet achievable pose and one that might not be suitable for your unique body? Is it a matter of technique, strength, flexibility, or perhaps your inherent body structure? Katrina's wisdom points to the most effective technique of all – listening to your body.

In the pursuit of your yoga practice, it's not just about perfecting postures; it's about understanding and respecting the language your body speaks. Join us in exploring Katrina's insightful perspective on navigating your individual yoga journey, where every pose, whether accessible or not, contributes to your growth on and off the mat. 

Embracing Your Unique Yoga Journey: Learn from FLY Anatomy Teacher Katrina 

If you're eager to dive deeper into the science behind each yoga pose, understand the intricate dance of muscles and bones, and connect your practice with the brilliance of your body's design, Katrina's online yoga training module on anatomy is your gateway. This module unravels the secrets that make every stretch and breath come to life, fusing yoga with the fascinating world of biology. By the end of the course, you'll gain powerful insights into anatomy, elevating both your personal practice and your teaching game.

With Frog Lotus Yoga, we bridge the gap between the spiritual and the scientific aspects of yoga. This module, guided by the expertise of Katrina, isn't just about learning anatomy; it's about transforming your understanding of yoga.

About Katrina Petney:
Katrina's lifelong fascination with the human body and mind has culminated in a unique blend of science, philosophy, yoga, and meditation. Her background in biochemistry, biology, education, and yoga, coupled with her interest in mindfulness, neuroplasticity, and the body-mind connection, forms the bedrock of her teaching. Join Katrina on this fascinating journey into the heart of yoga anatomy.

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