Ten Elements of a Good Yoga Workshop

Vidya Heisel
In many ways a good yoga workshop is very similar to a thematic yoga class, but will generally last for 2 ½ to 3 hours. Here are ten pointers though that should keep your students coming back for more:

  1. Ensure your workshop has a clear theme, and state this in the name of the workshop. Consider that the goal of the workshop is to educate the students in some way on the chosen topic.

  2. Provide a relevant hand-out to accompany your workshop so your students have something to take home.

  3. Enlist an assistant to help give hands on adjustments during the workshop if possible.

  4. Begin with a short introduction to your topic, which could be followed by chanting and/or pranayama.

  5. As in a thematic class, the workshop will probably be working towards a few peak poses, so let the warm–up part of the class reflect the peak poses you are working towards and warm up the body intelligently in preparation for those poses or sequences.

  6. As you progress through the workshop, weave in the theme and return to it often.

  7. A good inclusion for a workshop is to offer a section close to the middle where you introduce partner work. This will add an interesting and interactive element to the workshop.

  8. Take more time to explore and educate in detail than you would in a regular class.

  9. Verbally wrap up the workshop before going into savasana, recapping what you have covered in the workshop.

  10. During Savasana, tie in the theme in your guided relaxation script and include a quote or reading that is relevant to your theme.
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Vidya Jacqueline Heisel
Director of Suryalila Retreat Centre and Frog Lotus Yoga International,
Yoga Teacher Trainings.

This article was first published in The Om 
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