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For the Love of Yoga & Frogs: A Dive into Vidya's World

Long ago, in the tropical paradise of Bali, amidst the ceaseless croaking of frogs, FLY founder and CEO Vidya Heisel found more than a nightly lullaby; she discovered a profound symbol that would shape her yoga journey and inspire the creation of Frog Lotus Yoga.

As we dive into Vidya´s world of frogs, yoga, and resilience, we discover a philosophy that encourages us to leap through life with grace, embracing change and challenges with the same resilience as a frog navigating its lily pad-filled pond.

Falling in love with Frogs

As we delve into Vidya's world, we uncover the whimsical connection between her love for frogs, the symbolism of Frog Poses in yoga, her chosen Manduka mats, and the ancient Vedantic wisdom found in the Mandukya Upanishad.

Vidya's Affinity for Frogs
"I love frogs. I fell in love with frogs when I lived in Bali. I was lulled to sleep at night by the rhythmic chorus of frog song in the rice-fields." Little did Vidya know that these little creatures would become symbolic within her spiritual & professional journey. The connection between frogs and yoga may seem whimsical, but it's intricately woven into the fabric of Vidya's yoga journey. 

In 2001, Vidya opened a yoga studio in Massachusetts that she named Frog Lotus Yoga, and started her iconic yoga teacher training school of the same name. The name itself, Frog Lotus Yoga, encapsulates the essence of strength, growth, and the unfolding of one's spiritual potential; "I am passionate about Yoga philosophy and my favourite Upanishad is the Mandukya or Frog Upanishad. My Yoga school is called Frog Lotus Yoga. My absolute favourite Yoga Mat for the last 25 years is the Manduka Pro. Manduka means frog."

Vidya's Favourite Haiku
by Zen Master Basho 

Ancient Pond
Frog Jumps In

¨This poem of a few words expresses the essence of Haiku: An idea; another idea; a concept that perfectly connects the first two ideas. It’s simple and brilliant!¨

The Mandukya Upanishad

In the Mandukya Upanishad, which is considered to be the most important Upanishad, the frog represents our constant movement between the waking, dreaming, and deep sleep states. Just as a frog leaps between lily pads, humans navigate these three states within the context of consciousness. The Mandukya Upanishad declares these states to be only 'apparently real,' appearing within the context of the only true state, Turiya, the Fourth – The Consciousness, that is our true nature, within which all three states come and go. 

To dive deeper into this ancient wisdom, Vidya recommends listening to the talks of Swami Sarvapriyananda on the Mandukya, available on Soundcloud as audio files or on video on Youtube.

Frog in Yoga Asana
To tie this theme of frogs into Yoga practice, Vidya created a Frog Flow to guide practitioners through various Frog Poses. “There are a number of Yoga movements and postures associated with the frog and sequencing a flow around these postures was really fun. I was also able to include a brief introduction to the Mandukya Upanishad in this class.¨

Free FLY Vinyasa flow Class

Dive into the world of Frog Lotus Yoga

Join Vidya for a playful practice that explores various Frog poses while keeping in mind the wisdom of the Mandukya Upanishad.

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Frog Lotus Yoga International Yoga School

As the oldest Vinyasa school in Europe, based at the number one retreat centre, FLY stands as a testament to Vidya's commitment to nurturing the yoga journey of practitioners and teachers all over the world. FLY embodies the playful spirit of frogs, encouraging students to leap into the exploration of their practice with joy and curiosity. FLY also encapsulates the symbol of the lotus; the most beautiful and ephemeral flower in the world, rising on a strong stalk out of the mud, symbolising enlightenment and ultimate freedom; through Vidya’s dedication to sharing a lifelong investigation into Vedantic philosophy.

For the love of yoga and frogs, may your practice be a celebration of inner strength and the boundless potential within.

Manduka: the Ultimate Yoga Mat

The Manduka Yoga Mat, Vidya's trusted companion for a quarter of a century, holds a special place in her heart. Vidya chose to furnish all three shalas at Suryalila with Manduka PRO Mats, because they are simply the best! Coincidently, the name "Manduka" means frog in Sanskrit. The Manduka PRO is more than just a mat; it symbolises the essence of Vidya's practice – grippy, supportive, and indestructible, much like the resilience she imparts through her teachings.
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