Envisioning Yoga: Becoming a Vision-Inclusive Yoga Teacher

Jan 17 / Aoife McCarren
Step into the empowering world of yoga with Aoife McCarren, a dedicated FLY yoga teacher who is redefining inclusivity in the practice.

Here, Aoife shares her personal journey as a visually impaired individual and how yoga became the transformative force that transcended barriers.

Read on in this inspiring piece on accessible yoga that welcomes everyone, regardless of ability.
Yoga is one of the few activities that can be practised by anyone, anywhere, regardless of your ability. It rises above barriers such as age or disability and can provide an accessible way for anyone to bring some movement into their daily lives. Nowadays, you don’t even need to leave your home to take part in a yoga class.

I became a yoga teacher with the intention of bringing yoga to people with disabilities, specifically those who are blind or vision impaired. I have had a vision impairment since birth, and at times I’ve struggled to find a hobby that doesn’t require perfect eyesight. As a yoga student, I gained so much from the practice - movement, peace, confidence - and I found it to be one of the few truly inclusive and accessible forms of exercise. It provided me with a safe space to move, learn and grow. No special equipment (or good eyesight!) required, just a little space and time.

My yoga journey also showed me how yoga can be unintentionally inaccessible. Irregular cueing mixed with poor descriptions of poses often left me confused and a bit lost. I heavily rely on what the teacher says, rather than what I see (as that is poor at the best of times!).

This experience can be quite off putting and intimidating, so I want to change that through my teaching. I hope that a greater awareness of different disabilities, and an openness to creating more inclusive classes, will bring yoga to as many groups of people as possible.

Championing Inclusivity

A heartfelt thank you Aoife for your valuable insights on creating more inclusive classes. Here at FLY, we endeavour to embrace a practice that truly celebrates the diversity of all its practitioners.

Check out Aoife's inspirational journey on Instagram @lifeintheblurrylane. Follow her to stay connected and be part of the inclusive yoga community she's building. 
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