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Building Your Yoga Business: A Guide to Making a Living as a Yoga Teacher

Elevate Your Yoga Teaching Career: Business Strategies for Every Yoga Teacher

Whether you're a seasoned instructor or a recent graduate from Frog Lotus Yoga (FLY) or any other training, navigating the business side of teaching yoga is crucial for a thriving career. Let's explore some business tips inspired by FLY's manual, tailored for yoga instructors at every stage of their teaching journey.

Teaching for Experience: A Universal Foundation

Regardless of your experience level, consider dedicating time to teaching for experience before seeking paid opportunities. Offer free classes to friends, family, or volunteer at local spaces to gain confidence and refine your teaching skills. This initial step provides a solid foundation for your teaching career.

Beyond Yoga Studios: Diversify Your Teaching

While yoga studios are an apparent choice, expanding your teaching locations can open up diverse opportunities. Explore substitute teaching at studios and gyms, emphasising your flexibility and willingness to step in at short notice. Approach various spaces beyond studios – spas, health clubs, businesses, resorts, colleges, schools, hospitals, community centers, and more.

Offering Free Classes: Universal Strategies

Propose free classes to businesses or gyms that don't currently offer yoga. This introductory approach allows you to gauge interest and promote a series of classes with special discounts for early sign-ups. Create a cost-effective class space by renting affordable venues and offering free introductory sessions to attract participants.

Marketing and Connecting: A Must for Every Yoga Teacher

Cultivate a culture of kindness, compassion, and generosity with your students. Create a mailing list to keep students informed about your classes and workshops, fostering a strong community. Encourage word-of-mouth promotion by offering incentives to your regular students.

Whether you're a seasoned instructor or just starting, success takes time and dedication. Embrace continuous learning, updating your knowledge to share fresh insights with your students. Your yoga teaching career is a journey, and with strategic business practices, you can elevate it to new heights.
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Navigating the Path to Success in Yoga Teaching

Teach for Experience
Start by offering ten free classes to build confidence and refine your teaching skills. This foundational step sets the stage for a successful yoga teaching career.

Diversify Your Teaching Locations
Beyond traditional studios, explore opportunities in spas, health clubs, businesses, and more. Substituting at studios and gyms and offering free classes to new locations can broaden your teaching horizons.

Marketing and Connection
Create a user-friendly website, explore social media, and consider courses to master marketing. Building a strong online presence and fostering connections with your community are essential for sustained success.

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