Wise Movement: Integrating Anatomy, Neuroscience & Strength Training

Welcome to Wise Movement, a training tailored for movement professionals looking to expand their expertise and embrace innovative movement techniques. Ideal for yoga instructors, Pilates trainers, and personal trainers alike, this program integrates strength, mobility, and neurobiomechanics into your practice.  Whether in a studio or with private clients, these versatile skills will elevate your practice and empower you to thrive as a movement professional.

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Do you want to expand your toolkit and learn new techniques to enhance your teaching or training approach?

Our program offers unparalleled insights into optimising movement and wellness by understanding the intricate interplay between neurology strength and movement. This program offers a deep dive into understanding the complexities of pain, mobility limitations, and how to effectively address them. Through a blend of theory, practical workshops, and hands-on exercises, you'll gain invaluable insights and techniques to help your students overcome obstacles and achieve greater mobility and comfort in their practice. Join us on this journey of discovery and empowerment, where you'll emerge equipped with the tools and confidence to make a difference in the lives of those you teach.
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Essential Techniques for Movement Mastery

Strength Training for Movement Professionals

Explore innovative ways to incorporate weights, resistance bands, and other props into your practice.

Neurobiomechanics & Brain Mapping

Understand the brain-body connection and enhance proprioceptive awareness through practical brain mapping techniques.

Myofascial Release Techniques

Learn hands-on techniques to address muscle tightness and enhance movement quality.

Neurobiomechanics & Brain Mapping

What You Will Learn

Understanding the
Brain-Body Connection

Explore how the brain and nervous system influence movement, balance, and flexibility. Learn about key areas like the brain stem, cerebellum, and vestibular system, and how they impact proprioception and spatial awareness.

Practical Brain Mapping Techniques

Discover techniques to improve your students' balance and coordination through brain mapping exercises. Gain insights into how sensory inputs affect movement and how you can optimise them.

Vision Training

Learn how to use visual perception to improve coordination and balance. Understand the connection between the eyes and movement, and incorporate vision training into your sessions to boost your practice.

Enhancing Proprioception

Learn to enhance proprioceptive awareness, allowing for better control and refinement of movement patterns. Explore techniques to fine-tune proprioception and optimise movement efficiency in yoga and daily activities.

Strength Training for Movement Professionals

What You Will Learn

Integrating Resistance Training into Your Practice

Explore how to incorporate weights, resistance bands, and other props into your practice. Develop creative class designs that focus on building strength while maintaining flexibility and balance. 

Principles of Strength Training

Understand key concepts like progressive overload, specificity, and individualisation. Learn how these principles apply to various movement practices, and use them to create effective training programs. 

Functional Movement Patterns

Explore a variety of functional movement patterns targeting different muscle groups and planes of motion. Enhance core stability, joint mobility, and overall body awareness through dynamic exercises designed to improve everyday movement.

Integrating Dynamic Stability

Learn techniques to enhance dynamic stability through exercises focusing on proprioception, coordination, and balance. Develop a deeper understanding of how stability contributes to overall movement quality and injury prevention.

Myofascial Release Techniques

What You Will Learn

Understanding Fascia

Learn about the myofascial system's role in flexibility, mobility, and strength maintenance.

Hands-On Techniques

Gain practical experience with tools like foam rollers and therapy balls to address muscle tightness and imbalances.

Integration into Practice

Learn how to integrate myofascial release into your practice.

Enhanced Movement Quality

Explore creative applications of myofascial release to improve flexibility, reduce pain, and enhance overall movement quality.
Wise Movers

Meet the Teachers

Lisa Dunn
Lisa Dunn is a vibrant yoga teacher known for her playful approach to practice and compassionate teaching style. With over two decades of experience and a well loved Frog Lotus Yoga teacher trainer, Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge to our training program. Her teaching style is open-hearted, fun and empower students to develop a safe, lifelong practice. Lisa's expertise extends beyond the physical practice, encompassing neurobiomechanics and holistic wellness. In her workshops, she delves into the fascinating world of the brain and nervous system, offering theoretical exploration and practical applications to enhance movement, flexibility, and balance while deepening the mind-body connection for participants.
Niamh Colfer
E-RYT 500, Personal Trainer, S&C Coach
Niamh Colfer brings over a decade of expertise to our training program. Grounded in strength, mobility development, and postural alignment, her teaching offers a dynamic fusion of strength, release, and mindful movement practices. Renowned for her insightful approach and creativity, Niamh seamlessly integrates wise movement with strength training principles and myofascial release in her classes. By guiding students to explore their bodies, overcome limitations, and find freedom in movement, Niamh empowers them to become the masters of their own physical well-being and also gain the skills to become better teachers themselves, equipped with a deeper understanding of the human body and its capabilities.

What Makes This Training Unique?

Neuro-Strength Fusion

Our program uniquely integrates neuroscience and strength training principles, bridging the gap between science and practice. By understanding how the brain influences movement and incorporating strength training techniques, participants gain a deeper insight into optimizing physical performance and enhancing overall well-being.

Movement Mastery

Experience a unique blend of classes and workshops at the stunning Suryalila retreat center and a fully equipped local gym. Participants will have the chance to work with various props and tools, such as resistance bands, weights, yoga blocks, and therapy balls, to assess their bodies and identify areas for improvement.

Stay Ahead of the Curve:

In today's dynamic wellness landscape, keeping pace with evolving trends is paramount. Our training provides participants with cutting-edge research, techniques, and insights, positioning them as leaders in the competitive wellness market. With our program, you'll not only stay ahead but also shape the future of wellness education.

Advanced Anatomy

Dive deep into advanced anatomy concepts to understand the intricacies of the human body and its relationship with movement.


Explore the fascinating connection between the brain and movement, learning practical brain mapping techniques to optimize performance.

Strength Training

Discover how to integrate resistance training principles into practice, including creative class designs and exercises targeting different muscle groups.

Myofascial Release

Learn hands-on myofascial release techniques and how to seamlessly incorporate them into your teaching, enhancing flexibility, reducing pain, and improving movement quality.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this training for?

"Wise Movement" is designed for movement professionals with a foundational understanding of anatomy and physiology. This includes yoga instructors, Pilates trainers, personal trainers, physiotherapists, dance instructors, athletic trainers, and other movement professionals seeking to deepen their skills and explore innovative approaches to movement.

What is the focus of the training?

The training focuses on integrating strength, mobility, and neurobiomechanics into your practice. You’ll learn about different training styles, use props and tools for assessment, and explore the connection between the brain and body. The program includes both theoretical and hands-on sessions, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

What level of fitness is required?

While the training is open to professionals with a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology, a reasonable fitness level is recommended for full participation. If you have any physical limitations or concerns, please let us know in advance, and we'll work to accommodate you.
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What our students say about us

"I was immediately struck by Lisa’s innovative style and engaging personality.  Having worked with many excellent teachers over a number of years I am used to adapting to different styles of yoga, but with Lisa, it was just a natural fit. She intuitively works with the group to suit all levels – developing strength and flexibility in all members of the class. During the last retreat, Lisa introduced us to some new techniques that I have personally found life-changing.  She is constantly updating her expertise in order to share new ideas with the group, and her natural enthusiasm makes every session new, challenging, and fun!"
- Pauline Wood
"Was an absolute treat - Lisa is an excellent and inspiring teacher and will appeal to yogis of all levels. Suryalila retreat centre is a homely, authentic space with THE most delicious meals and set in tranquil countryside. 5 stars! Plus so many beautiful animals on site."
- Hayley Menzies
"Niamh is the perfect combination of warm, encouraging, easy-going, and professional. Her enthusiasm and passion are infectious, and her training sessions always offer just the right amount of challenge and variety. I have absolutely loved every single workout with her."
- Shelagh Sutton
"Love Niamh's classes! She's an excellent yoga teacher and an equally good strength coach. Her intuitive approach challenges exactly to the right level and style for each session. Highly recommended!"
- Tess Purcell
"I cannot recommend Niamh enough. Her teaching style manages to challenge, soothe, and arm you with new learning each time you practice with her. She is a wealth of knowledge, and this shines through in every class."
- Ciara Wall
December 2024
From Nov 30 to Dec 7
At Suryalila Retreat Centre 
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Inspiring training that outshines expectations


Comprehensive Anatomy & Neurobiomechanics

Gain a deep understanding of human anatomy and the brain-body connection to optimise physical performance and movement patterns.


Integrated Strength Training & Myofascial Release

Learn how to effectively integrate strength training principles and myofascial release techniques to promote muscular balance, stability, and flexibility.


Innovative Teaching Methodologies

Develop dynamic and engaging teaching methodologies that go beyond traditional asana practice, tailored to individual needs for holistic wellness.


Practical Brain Mapping & Proprioceptive Awareness

Explore practical brain mapping techniques to enhance balance, coordination, and spatial awareness, fostering better movement control and injury prevention.


Functional Movement Patterns & Core Stability

Master functional movement patterns targeting different muscle groups and planes of motion, promoting optimal joint mobility, core stability, and body awareness.


Holistic Wellness Integration & Mindfulness Practices

Integrate principles of holistic wellness, including breathwork, mindfulness, and self-care practices, for a well-rounded approach to health and vitality.


Continuing Education & Professional Certification

Earn a 50-hour certification and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) recognised by Yoga Alliance, enhancing your credentials and advancing your career in the wellness industry.

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