Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus


Daily practice of guided meditation and silent meditation. A detailed analysis of meditation and how to do it is given as well as regular question and answer sessions about the practice.

Yoga Asana Class

Daily two hour in depth Yoga Asana Practice in Vinyasa Flow Style taught by our world class Master teachers. Up to three class assistant teachers present in the room to help the students.
Posture Analysis and Hands on Assisting Class.

A clear break-down of approximately 80 postures is taught. This includes variations and modifications of poses as well as common misalignments, safety cues and hands on assisting for each posture.

Practice teaching

Throughout the training the students will practice teach poses, then flows of shorter lengths, gradually building up to a full 75 minute class. The student will teach two full 75 minute classes to a small group and will be critiqued by the teaching staff.

Philosophy and History of Yoga

A comprehensive introduction to the history and philosophy of Yoga is given through lectures, contemplation, writing, reading and group discussion. We will discuss in more depth the Eight limbs of Yoga as well as the Yamas and Niyamas, exploring how to of transform your life through the practice of Yoga ethics.

Applied Anatomy

The foundations of the anatomy & physiology will be explored through hands-on experiential learning with a focus on the muscular-skelatal system. Interactive learning prepares one to create yoga sequences and guide classes that are safe and structurally sound.

Teaching Methodology

Continuous advice on what makes a good Yoga teacher as well as how to sequence a good class and how to teach intelligently and safely.


Some time is devoted to learning and reviewing daily the sanskrit names of postures and Yogic terms.

Office Hours

Private one-on-one consultations are offered throughout the course, to help individuals with their practice and sequencing.

Business of teaching Yoga

Time is devoted to help students jumpstart a career teaching Yoga. A comprehensive lecture with time for questions and answers will be given. Further mentorship is also offered.