Yoga Teacher Training Instructor – Lidiya Petkova

Lidiya has been permanently based at Suryalila Retreat Centre in southern Spain since 2014. There she has been part of Suryalila’s office team and assistant manager for the Frog Lotus Yoga International Teacher Training Programs.

In addition to that, she leads various Yoga Retreats and Immersions at Suryalila and teaches regular community classes.

Lidiya’s yoga classes are vigorous and energising, and at the same time balanced with more gentle and calming sequences. She strongly focuses on breath work while drawing awareness within to encourage conscious integration of the physical body and the mind.

She is an attentive teacher and aims to inspire her students to bring meditation into movement, leaving them with a feeling of strength, freedom and inner calm. Her classes usually end with sound therapy using singing bowls and mini gongs.

As well as Vinyasa Flow Lidiya teaches Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, in depth Pranayama, Yin yoga, and AcroYoga classes.

Yoga has been an integral part of Lidiya’s life since discovering the practice in 2006 in her home country, Bulgaria. Her first teacher served as inspiration to lead a yogic lifestyle and paved her path to self practice and contemplation.

Some years later, Lidiya was elated to find Frog Lotus Yoga International. She studied to become a Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher with the internationally acclaimed Vidya Heisel and later completed 500 hours with Frog Lotus Yoga. Her complementary studies include Mindfulness, Chinese Meridians and Yin Yoga Training with Sara Powers, Thai Yoga Massage with Triple Gem School, Therapeutic Modules with Donna Farhi, Tibetan singing bowls and Sound Therapy.

Lidiya is thrilled to be part of the Frog Lotus Yoga Continued Education team and co-teach a 50 Hour Restorative and Yoga Nidra Module with Jennifer Yarro.

What attracted her to Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra was the desire to sustain her energy while balancing a busy working schedule at the office and her love for the outdoors. Without dedicating time to a consistent restorative practice it is challenging to sustain an active lifestyle. Lidiya understood that these styles of yoga practices are not a luxury, they are a necessity. Deep rest shows respect and care for yourself and for others!

These subtle practices of deep relaxation have helped her students to refine their awareness and amplify the energy that already exists within them in a tangible way.

In today’s demanding world, learning how to profoundly relax while being in a wakeful state is an indispensable skill to have if one is to lead a sustainable lifestyle on a physiological, energetic, emotional and metal level.

She has benefited enormously from these practices and is grateful to be able to share them in depth with other yoga teachers and students.