Yoga Teacher Training Instructor – Kate Finn

There’s no doubt about it that Yoga is the best fit for Kate.. after weaving through life in many twists and turns until finally she began teaching in 2015. The mystical allure of life fascinated her and Kate always had the deeper questions at heart that kept her moving forward. She found all her answers with the rich teachings of yoga and Vedanta.
Kate has taken numerous yoga trainings around the world – mainly with Frog Lotus International, [Vidya Heisel and her talented faculty] and continuing education programmes, she has assisted several 200hr and 500hr teacher trainings. Kate leads workshops, teaches private sessions, studio classes, zoom classes and has taught yoga in schools. Kate also runs her own retreats and a Yin Yoga teacher training. She is a gifted vinyasa teacher, her style incorporates many different elements of the modern yoga practice today, she loves both the dynamic aspect of practising as well as slowing down, she is skillful at teaching restorative and yin yoga, holding space in these more meditative and soothing practices. Kate has a true love for Advaita Vedanta and her teacher James Swartz, and devotes much time to Self-inquiry. She always includes satsang elements into her classes. To this day she is still so inspired, yoga has allowed her to live a life that’s incredibly fulfilled, peaceful and happy.
Kate’s goal when teaching is to be transparent, to express what she knows and what she doesn’t. It all comes from the heart with a playful spirit that includes all. Her aim is to create an atmosphere and environment where the mind can settle and the body opens up to all its capabilities.
“Be a master of Yourself! Live to your truest potential!”