Yoga Teacher Training Instructor – Kate Finn

I grew up in Ireland.
In 2009 age 19, I moved to London when the challenges of deciding what I wanted “to do” with my life still proved difficult and confusing. I had already tried pursuing a Language and a Music course with no luck of finding a deep fulfilling connection for prospective endeavours.

London allowed me the freedom to explore the extroverted world… endless choices, creativity, electricity! wild parties, amazing people, so much fun and excitement. I became a successful hairstylist. During this period, fortune favoured me when a good friend introduced me to Yoga, she gave me a copy of the ‘Untethered Soul’ by Micheal Singer and I began attending Hatha Yoga classes once a week. I didn’t quite yet know what was luring me in… but as the years went on my stamina for madness began to wear off, my mental and physical health was indeed suffering! Yoga was proving the only source of relief.

In 2015 big changes were made in my life. I packed in hairdressing, left London and signed up for a 200hr YTT with FrogLotus at Suryalila in Spain. A decision that was Godsend and led me down the abundant garden path to a life so rich and wholesome that I’ve never once looked back.

Thankfully, teaching Yoga aligned harmoniously with my nature. I was able to interweave my love of language, poetry, music and an enthusiastic love for life and people. I continued my education ardently with the most beautiful Vidya Heisel and her awesome team at Frog Lotus Yoga International. I completed their 500hr training programme and amidst this process took a Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Josh Summers. How lucky was I! When I thought things couldn’t get any better my path crossed with a spiritual teacher – James Swartz, an incredible being, whose ability to teach the ancient wisdom of Vedanta sparked the truest love for Yoga in me I didn’t know was possible.
To this day I’ve regularly taught Yoga classes…. in so many places, to such a wide variety of practitioners and I’m still so inspired by the practice and the ancient teachings which have allowed me to live a life that’s incredibly peaceful and happy. My love for Yoga grows and grows as I flow with the rhythms.

My goal with teaching is to be transparent, to express what I know and what I don’t. It all comes from the heart with a playful spirit that includes all. I aim to create an atmosphere and environment where our minds can settle, so the body can open up to all its capabilities. Be a master of Yourself! Live to your truest potential! I look forward to practicing with you…