Yoga Teacher Training for Envision Testimonials

I am happy to report that I am in a relationship now with a longtime friend of mine. I have to say that one of the greatest contributors that allowed for this relationship to evolve was the Envision Yoga practice we did, where we were asked to speak in the present tense. I remember at the time thinking it was a bit awkward, but I have kept with the mantra for what I wanted in a relationship and partner, and it is quite stunning how it manifested itself in a relatively short period of time. I regularly reflect and speak the other mantras and they have provided in so many areas of my life.
—Caroline Miller, Portland Oregon

Envision yoga will transform you. It’s a brilliant and holistic method that makes your wheels spin so much brighter. You will leave feeling like you can conquer the world!
—Katelyn Thureson, Saint Petersburg, Florida

Envision Yoga is the truly the next big thing in yoga and NLP. I tried Envision yoga only once during my yoga teacher training with Vidya, and I’ve been waiting to become certified to teach it ever since. First I had to wait for Vidya to finish refining her beautiful creation. After only one time, the 26 of us yoga instructor trainees couldn’t stop smiling. My mantras still ringing in my ears, the next hours were spent in a state of bliss, where I truly felt I could accomplish anything. The sense of control and peace Envision yoga immediately gives it’s participant has no equal. I will be moving to Los Angeles in November, and I am extremely excited to be the only Yogi in LA teaching Envision Yoga! I predict myself being very in demand. I majored in Communication in University and had no desire to sell knives, McDonald’s, or any product I felt was bad for humanity overall. This is what I’ve been waiting to sell. If there is anything like fate, then I believe that I was meant to meet Vidya Heisel and help spread Envision Yoga to the world. Never has humanity needed the tools to take control and accomplish great deeds like it does now. I believe in Vidya 100%. She has already showed me a better way to live my life and she’s helped me to help myself transform my mind and body forever. Now she’s giving me the exact product that I was looking to sell. What can’t this woman do? I’ll see you all in Massachusetts this September!
—Leah Davis, Las Vegas, California

This was the first time I ever worked with my chakras with so much intensely focused thoughts and energy. Thank you Vidya for introducing us to Envision Yoga, it’s going to be a life changing experience and practice for so many people. The purifying and restorative feeling that remained after the Envision Yoga practice made it truly worth going through what was an emotionally challenging sequence. I always return to my Envision Yoga mantras always when I’m about to forget that “I am”, ” I do” or “I can”. After all there is no other way of being than in the present moment. I’m young, but felt it balanced me inside, more than I ever thought possible. It helped me to open up in a way from which there is no more turning back.
—Frederika Winsten, Finland

I recently participated in the Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica. One of the most powerful experiences I had on this program was a session in Envision Yoga. The combination of Kundalini Yoga, personal mantras, and partner work was unique and transformative. I really enjoyed the process of creating my own personal mantras relating to each of the chakras. Each mantra was a positive affirmation of ways I would like to be or feel in the future. Saying the mantras repeatedly to myself allowed the message to seep into my system. I am some one who is guilty of often having negative repetitive thoughts about myself that are destructive and unproductive. Envision yoga is a way to re-write these negative patterns in our brains and replace them with positive ones. By saying your mantra out loud to your partner you give the words life, meaning, and truth. When your partner affirms your words you feel a deep connection to them as if they are a mirror for you and you are a mirror for them. I found myself externally bonded to my partner and internally bonded to myself. I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Envision Yoga and hope that I can be certified to teach it in the future.
—Anna Shapiro, Staunton VA

Envision yoga is a mix of all the best techniques for healing and living your life’s purpose! I truly believe this. The combination is powerful because it uses positive affirmations with actions along with vibrational music. If you want to live your life to the fullest, practice Envision Yoga.
—Christine Lamothe, Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

My first experience with Envision Yoga was a blissful liberation of blocked energy in my Chakras, specially in the Root and the Throat Chakra. After working with the seven main Chakras and the stimulation of each energy center with dynamic movement, partner work and self-created mantras, I feel much more grounded, stable and trustful in myself. The communication with my surroundings is more clear, open and truthful. Envision Yoga is really a great possibility to step into “My New Life”. After many years of misery, I decided at the end of last year to create a new vision for my future to invite and manifest love, happiness, joy and constructive possibilities. Envision Yoga allows this process to happen.
—Renata Meister, Cahuita, Costa Rica