Yin Yoga Certification

with Kate Finn


18 – 25 July, 2020 at Suryalila Retreat Center, Spain

24th – 31st October, 2020 at Suryalila Retreat Center, Spain

This 50 hour training will include the practice and teaching skills for the core Yin asanas and the core principles of Yin Yoga.

To book email: [email protected]

You Will Explore

  • The Interdependency of Yin and Yang, one is always inherent in the other
  • The complementary nature of Yin Yoga to our different forms of Yang practices
  • Appreciation of skeletal variation both in yourself and in all yoga practitioner students
  • Difference between Myofascial Tension and Bone Compression and learning to distinguish sensation
  • Class Themes/ Yin Sequences
  • The cyclical nature of all phenomena
  • Nourishment of a Yin practice focusing on organs and corresponding seasons of the year
  • The Role of the Feminine (Yin) and Masculine (Yang) in our practices, how we can balance and harmonize these roles
  • Meditation
  • The fundamental aspect of Mind Quality in a Yin practice
  • How to support teachers and students in this area and why it’s important
  • Self Inquiry sessions
  • Karma and Dharma Yoga and the Yoga of the three Gunas
  • Building teachers confidence, a guide into the impersonal nature of the Dharma field, helping teachers to feel supported in themselves with an ability to transmute that to students

The course is open to those with an interest in teaching Yin Yoga and those who simply want to deepen their love of the practice.

It will also include optional Dynamic Vinyasa Flow morning practice.

Required texts: Bernie Clark’s ‘ A Guide to Yin Yoga’ + James Swartz ‘The Yoga of the Three Energies’

Full Cost

These prices include full board (accommodation and three meals a day), tuition fee for the course and the use of the retreat center facilities.

  • Mini Dorm: €1080 (share with three other attendees of the same sex)
  • Twin: €1230 (share with one other attendee)
  • Eco Casa Twin (share with one other attendee): €1100
  • Superior Double (shared bathroom): €1370 single occupancy
  • Deluxe Double (private bathroom): €1480 single occupancy | for two people €1335 p/p
  • Deluxe Suite for two people: €1410 p/p

To book email: [email protected]