Yin Yoga Certification

with Kate Finn


29th January – 05th February 2022

This 6 day intensive training comes at a time when the world is in deep need of yin. We are suffering from excessive yang and therefore a yin deficiency.
This course is skilfully led by Kate Finn E-RYT 500. Kate teaches a wide range of yoga styles but her love for the deeper meanings of WHY we practice yoga and why it’s so good for you are some of her greatest talents.
Kate’s life was once very yang. Living in the classic rat race systems of city life and a tendency for intensity, she burnt the candle at both ends. The flames went out resulting in stress, sickness, dis-ease. With this exhaustion and confusion Kate realised her weekly yoga classes were the one drop of peace in an ocean of suffering.
The tides needed to turn. Yoga was the ticket to freedom. What Kate calls her ‘Inner sanctuary of sanctity’.
Kate will teach you the true essence of Yin Yoga – The Art of Slowing Down. How you can feel and understand this functionally with your body and mentally through your mind. How to teach this tradition authentically with grace, ease and with the proper knowledge and skills.
It’s essential for our overall health and longevity that we come back into balance with yin and yang. Learn the harmony of these two dancing and interdependent forces in both our inner and outer worlds.

This 50 hour training will include the practice and teaching skills for the core Yin asanas and the core principles of Yin Yoga. This is a Foundation Module; Level 1 Yin Yoga.

To book email: [email protected] or [email protected] 

You Will Explore

  • History of Yin Yoga
  • Creation theory; Are we spiritual or material beings?
  • Understanding the true essence of Yin Yoga and why it’s so important -now, more than ever.
  • The Interdependency of Yin and Yang
  • Taoism
  • The complementary nature of Yin Yoga to our different forms of Yang practices
  • Appreciation of skeletal variation both in yourself and all types of yoga practitioner students
  • the difference between Myofascial Tension and Bone Compression and learning to distinguish sensation
  • Fascia as way to heal
  • Class Themes/ Yin Sequences
  • The cyclical nature of all phenomena
  • The Yoga of the Three Gunas
  • Nourishment of a Yin practice focusing on Organs, Meridians and corresponding seasons of the year
  • Meditation
  • The fundamental aspect of Mind Quality in a Yin practice – cultivating peace
  • How to support teachers and students in giving and receiving (Holding Space)
  • Self Inquiry sessions
  • Karma and Dharma Yoga
  • Building teachers confidence, a guide into the impersonal nature of the Dharma field, helping teachers to feel supported in themselves with an ability to transmute that to students

Daily Schedule

8am-9.30 Yang Yoga
9.30-11am Breakfast
11-1.30pm Philosophy, Theory or Anatomy
1.30 -4pm Lunch/Self Study/Rest
4-7pm Theory, Anatomy or Philosophy + Main Yin Practice
7-8pm Dinner
8-9pm Educational Video/Documentary/Discussion (on certain evenings)
Welcome Class Saturday arrival day at 5.30pm. Wednesday afternoon is off for excursions or personal time. Course finishes Friday evening.

The course is open to those with an interest in teaching Yin Yoga and those who simply want to deepen their love of the practice.

Required texts: Bernie Clark’s ‘ A Guide to Yin Yoga’

Full Cost

These prices include full board (accommodation and three meals a day), tuition fee for the course and the use of the retreat centre facilities.

  • Mini Dorm: €1080 (share with three other attendees of the same sex)
  • Twin: €1230 (share with one other attendee)
  • Eco Casa Twin (share with one other attendee): €1100
  • Superior Double (shared bathroom): €1370 single occupancy
  • Deluxe Double (private bathroom): €1480 single occupancy | for two people €1335 p/p
  • Deluxe Suite for two people: €1410 p/p

To book email: [email protected] or [email protected]

“I registered for a Frog Lotus International Yin Yoga Teacher Training in September 2020 at Suryalila taught by Kate Finn. Prior to booking I exchanged a few queries with Kate via email directly where she assured me of the content and my suitability to complete the training course. The course was a perfect mix between theory/philosophy, group interaction and yin practice. The environment is wonderful and Kate is a very knowledgeable teacher. I found Kate the perfect balance of calm, knowledge, experience and vitality. Her energy made the week inclusive and very enjoyable. I learnt so much during the week and feel very confident in teaching yin yoga and being able to explain its origins and the benefits of practice. It was a thoroughly enjoyable week and I wouldn’t hesitate to train with Kate again in the future.  Lastly, outside of the training itself, I did a flow class with Kate and was honestly one of the best practices I have taken part in for a long time. Kate is so engaging and easy to follow, I especially enjoyed the bow and arrow 🙂 I have never come across that before… if you want to know what I’m talking about, well you will just have to join one of Kate’s classes or future training courses.  I will be staying in touch with Kate and the group for sure!” Michelle Madden, London
“Simply the best! This is how I would describe the lovely yoga teacher Kate Finn. Full of empathy, gentle, fun, approachable yet utterly professional she is capable of creating and holding an incredible space to practice in. This very spiritual teacher will lead you into bliss either by a wonderfully juicy Vinyasa or an exquisite Yin Yoga class. And believe me, as a former dance teacher, my standards are very high when it comes to teaching any kind of movement; especially when it is something as powerful and multilayered as yoga.” Esther Jürgens, Germany