Kaley Johnson

Kaley Johnson

Health and Wellness Nurse Specialist



Kaley began her career as a Registered Nurse (RN) in Canada in 2007, and she continued her education and practice for close to 10 years as an advanced critical care nurse (ACCN). Later, whilst living abroad with her husband, Kaley explored integrative and alternative pathways and completed her Yoga teacher training (200 YTT) in 2014. This life changing experience created passion for integrating Yoga/meditation therapy into her own life and with her clients. She was lucky enough to continue her study of yoga as she went on to teach Anatomy and Physiology and assist trainings at the Suryalila Retreat Center. At the same time, she had her first child and completed a master’s degree in Nursing (MN) where her interest in education and research grew. Since then, she was blessed with a second child and has completed her certification in Nutritional Coaching (CNC). Her main focus (other than her family) is a private practice of functional wellness, which features: evidence-based symptom care, nutrition education, meditation guidance and yoga. She believes the art of Nursing, Philosophies of yoga and Functional medicine have a synergistic potential to source the root cause of imbalance in the body and provide holistic treatment and education for one’s individual needs. She is currently a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and plans to complete the Functional Medicine Practitioner Certification and is currently studying to be a registered nutritional therapist with BANT through ION at Portsmouth University.


Kaley loves to learn and explore new possibilities. Her unique experiences have cultivated a unique set of skills in both the conventional and alternative health sectors. With advanced knowledge about acute medical care as well as nutritional, functional and yogic philosophies, she has developed a passion for investigating and sourcing the root cause of some of the most common chronic issues.