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  • 200.hours,Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training- Frog lotus Yoga International, 2008
    Mini Yogis Advance Teacher Training for teaching tween and teen yoga.. 2009 Sports Yoga Instructor-National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association -2010
    CPR, AED & Serv safe.

  • Virginian native of the Yoruba-Land Nation. I love cooking vegetarian cuisine and my philosophy around food is eating a few mouthfuls and filling the stomach with one third each for the air, water and food.
    My exercise routine is walking, jogging and biking. I do this to relieve myself from America car culture and the driving stress that comes from it. Living a car free diet lifestyle personally is possible and it is a healthy choice investment to focus more on our guts and colon health. Nature is my best teacher and Health is wealth.
    My hobbies: reading religious text, meditation, listening to current affairs of the world, walking on Santa Monica Muscle beach sands, observing health nuts and yoga gurus activities.
    My favorite Quote from Socrates: Let thou Food be thou Medicine and let thou Medicine Be thou food. About my Yoga journey, I accidentally came across Yoga since 2007. It all happened with the help of my past acrobatic practice and friends whom noticed my talents and constants practices. At first, I was kind of nervous, attempting a head stand which comes with practice on a wall support. Despite, that I had done such poses in the past, like the way toddlers and children display yoga poses and contortion movements unconsciously and effortless; yoga Asanas I would say requires sound mind transcendence. A year later, I finally decided to attend a Yoga course retreat, not knowing how many styles/disciplines options of yoga were out there, I found myself before a lead Yoga teacher and studio for the first time in my life. With zeal and patience, I completed a 200 hours Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in 2008, with the guidance of Master Vidya Jacqueline Heisel, E-RYT 500 of the Frog lotus Yoga International. In 2009, I attended Shana Meyerson, mini Yogis Teen & Tween Teacher Training certification. Year later, I completed the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association, NESTA Sports Yoga Instructor certification (SYI) in 2010. This led me to give community Karma yoga at the YMCA Hills Borough Street, Raleigh, NC and Raleigh Islamic Center.
    I personally believe that the 8 limbs of yoga elements can bridge the conflicts and differences within western and eastern philosophy/religion and Yoga does not discriminate in its application wonders on the human mind and body well-being. My favorite yoga pose is camel, thunder Boat, cobra dog and sun salutation sequences in hot atmosphere that is driven with music sound vibe to awaken my energy.I received a B.A in History with concentration in Global Studies and International Relation at North Carolina Central University in 2011 and A.A.S in Food Processing, Distribution and Services with a Concentration in Agricultural Business at North Carolina State University Agricultural Institute in 2001.