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  • Alexander Marley Velazquez
  • [email protected]
  • Studio One

  • 77326032304
  • Chicago
  • United States
  • Studio Two

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  • 200HR FLY YTT With Jennifer Yarro

  • Alexander is a very kind, interesting and enthusiastic being. He's an up & coming teacher in Southwest Chicago. He has a base in Martial Arts and discovered Yoga at a young age. Over the years Alex has evolved his ideas and styles in movement. He draws inspiration from many arts such as Hatha, Yin & Budokon Yoga; He enjoys including martial and primitive movements in his freestyle. He is a certified Frog Lotus instructor under Jennifer Yarro & a certified BudokonYOGA instructor under Cameron Shayne. His style of movement is creative, free flowing and empowering; He is not afraid to ditch the mat and carry out his practice into his everyday life as well as his teachings. He casts a wide associative net around yoga, movement arts & spirituality as a whole. He is always working to evolve his ideas and induce more and more creativity in his teachings and his personal practice. Stay Tuned... Alex Is excited and extremely eager to begin offering his guidance and instruction within the following year