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  • Wensy Wong
  • [email protected]
  • Studio One

  • Fusion Health Studio
  • Toronto
  • Canada
  • 1223 Yonge Street

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  • Bachelor of Science Kinesiology
    Registered Massage Therapist
    Medical Acupuncture Provider
    Neurokinetic Therapist
    Anatomy in Motion
    Rocktape Doc

  • I was always certain of two things: I want to help people better themselves and, through my work, help them realize their potential. Whether I was working in the fitness, rehabilitative, or beauty and makeup industry, I felt most fulfilled when I was able to help my clients build their confidence and guide them to take ownership of their life. Drawing on my skills and experiences in these industries, and having an affinity to working with my hands, I made the leap to become a Registered Massage Therapist, and so begins a satisfying and rewarding journey…
    My massage therapy practice has evolved over the years to provide effective care for people in pain. Having taken extensive list of courses and workshops to better understand the body and human movement, it allowed me to build a successful practice. People always ask me “What is it that you do that works and it is so different from the care I’ve received elsewhere?” What sets me apart from other therapists and traditional care is, It’s not what I do, it’s what I pay attention to. It goes beyond treating presented symptoms and more so collecting valuable information and forming connections where most conventional practices would have dismissed. I don’t “fix” people but guide them to create positive experiences in their body that have resulted them leading a pain-free life and deep appreciation for their body with newfound/reclaimed movement.
    How do I replicate this to more than one client at a time? I love working one-on-one with clients and allow me to focus on honing in on their process and documenting their progress. It was always a struggle to find ways to share and guide these experiences of a private session to a group setting. It didn’t feel right teaching a yoga class when I wasn’t able to diverge my attention to those that need assists and adjustments for safely getting in/out of a pose, and guidance to movement practices that can help them flourish. I didn’t think it was possible to hold a space that can help people guide their own process of movement practices until I went to an intensive AiM seminar where I witnessed a group of people who interacted differently with the material, creating different experiences in their body thus changing their whole movement practices. In the midst of this realization, CAPE was born. CAPE was created as an extension of me, my driving force to help people unlock potential, create a safe space where I would share and guide them through their own movement changes, Create a Positive Experience within and transfer that to experiences and interactions ahead.