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  • Lidiya Petkova
  • [email protected]
  • Studio One

  • Suryalila Retreat Centre
  • +34 856 023 631
  • Sevilla
  • Spain
  • Suryalila Retreat Centre
    Pago del Pagarete
    Cortijo La Fabrica
    11650 Villamartín, Cádiz, Spain

  • Studio Two

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  • Yoga has been a central part of Lidiya’s lifestyle since discovering the practice almost 10 years ago.

    While living in various countries, she had the opportunity to explore different styles of yoga.

    Lidiya was elated to discover Frog Lotus Yoga, a style of yoga, which is influenced by Ashanga, Iyengar, and Forrest Yoga. She studied to become a vinyasa flow yoga teacher with the internationally acclaimed, Vidya Heisel, founder of Frog Lotus Yoga. Lidiya currently teaches at the beautiful Suryalila Retreat Centre in Southern Spain.

    Her classes are vigorous and energising, and at the same time balanced with more gentle and calming sequences, making them accessible to everyone. Lidiya puts strong focus on drawing awareness within to inspire inner balance.