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  • Susie Garcia
  • [email protected]
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  • Chicago
  • United States
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  • Frog Lotus Yoga International 200 HR Vinyasa Flow Intensive Bali, Indonesia Aug. 2014

  • I first started doing yoga 5 years ago when I realized how much my anxiety and lack of concentration was beginning to disrupt areas of my life. After noticing the subtle changes in my mood, level of awareness and connection with my body as well as with something beyond me, I had discovered the true healing power of physical discipline. In my style of yoga I like to create a practice that allows healing not only in the body, mental and emotional state, but the very core being by focusing on ancient wisdom, rhythmic waves, circular movements, elements of primitive or traditional dances throughout the world and most importantly mindfulness. By focusing internally the student will begin to unlock energies held within parts of the body allowing disconnection from one's habitual self in order to reconnect with one's authentic self.