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  • Leah Sugerman
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  • Leah Sugerman is a yoga teacher, writer, actor and passionate world traveler. From Leah's very first encounter with yoga, she was hooked. She fell in love with the pure dichotomy of the practice: the stark contrast between the strength and power compared to the grace and surrender. She enjoys the beautiful dance between the two extremes that happens on (and off!) her mat every day. She has been a passionate, dedicated student since her very first class.

    Leah completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Frog Lotus Yoga in Bali, Indonesia where she fell madly in love with the healing energy of Bali. She does her best to emulate that powerful energy in her classes as well as in her own practice.

    Leah is a grateful student of her vastly knowledgeable teachers. She teaches a fusion of the styles that she has studied with a strong emphasis on finding the balance between strength and surrender in practice. Her classes find equal emphasis on strength building of the mind, body and soul as well as flexibility of the same. When Leah is not teaching, she can be found on the stage or traveling to far ends of the globe.