1000 Hour Advanced Modules

1000 Hour Advanced Training Modules

Additional Continuing Education

Ten x 50 Hour, One week, Ongoing Training Modules: 500 Hours
Taught by Senior FLY Teachers: Jennifer Yarro, Gilda Goharian, Alicia Waters, Kate Finn, Lidiya Petkova and Jennilee Toner

  • Thai Yoga Massage Fundamentals with Jennifer Yarro
  • Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Lidiya Petkova and and Jennifer Yarro
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Kate Finn
  • Prenatal Yoga with Jennifer Yarro
  • Hatha Yoga Training with Jennifer Yarro
  • Progressing Your Practice, Nutrition and Yogic Diet with Alicia Waters and Gilda Goharian
  • Incorporating fitness techniques into Yoga Classes and self empowerment with Jennilee Toner
  • Advanced Assisting with Jennifer Yarro
  • More to be announced soon

Frog Lotus Yoga International is excited to announce its new and expanded Yoga Teacher Training Programme.

2020 is a good year for growth and progression. Our comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training programme has now been on the Yoga scene for 20 years.

We are celebrating by increasing the FLY Programme to 1000 hours of tuition, with the intention of expanding the repertoire and teaching skills of our graduates and sharing the amazing talents of our senior FLY teachers.

We are adding a series of one week modules to our programme, taught by our most skilled and senior Yoga teachers. Each independent module will represent another 50 hours of continuing yoga study and each will offer its graduates a certificate of completion, often in a new and marketable skill set.

These Modules together will make up an additional 500 hours to bring a FLY training up to 1000 Hours.

Please note you can theoretically take any of our new one week ongoing training modules at any time after your 200 hour training but they will not count towards the YA 500 hour certification. In order to officially receive the 500 hour certification from Frog Lotus Yoga, you will need to complete both of the Advanced 150 hour modules. The continuing education modules will count towards the FLY 1000 hours Senior Teacher Certification. This certification will be given after completing all of our trainings and modules.

Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Training Instructor Alicia Waters