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Carlin Clarke

Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Training Faculty Carlin Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Training Instructor Carlin Clarke

Hi, my name is Carlin Clarke; I’m a mother of three and a grandmother of four.

My passion in my growing years was horses, I always felt at one with the way of nature when l was training my horses.
In 1981 after the birth of my second child I went to my first hatha yoga class, and I was hooked, l practised every day trying to improve my postures, going to classes every chance l had. That opened a door for me to study and become a sports and psychology teacher. Lecturing and teaching at schools and colleges, bringing yoga into all of my sports training.

In 1995 l studied to become a registered sports massage therapist, working with people to overcome injury, illness and improve posture alignment, which continues today. Ten years ago l started teaching yoga in health clubs and spars in the southern counties of England. Always wanting to grow my knowledge in the connection of mind and the physical body, in 2005 I studied and trained with Monty Roberts the great Horse whisper, this time of study felt like a gift and gave me the believe l could bring this way of being (in the real moment of time) to my fellow humans. In 2007 l trained with Anthony Robbins a world leading life coach and public speaker, this changed my life l was on my journey of a thousand miles finding the balance to life. On that journey I enrolled on the 200 hr teacher training yoga course in 2011 with Vidya Heisel Frog lotus in Bali.

Training and working with these great people who are experts in their fields, gave me the passion to open and run my own yoga studio in my home town Henley-on-Thames England, offering a place of good energy, peace and calm to all.

Thank you to all those wonderful outstanding people who have inspired me to be all l can be and sharing my knowledge with others.