Yoga Teacher Training Instructor ~ Mélanie Huser


Had Mélanie known to which extent yoga would change her life, she probably wouldn’t have dared to start with it. As an emergency medical doctor she came from a success-oriented, fast-paced world and turned to yoga in an attempt to wind down – and, to her surprise, she instantaneously fell in love with it. The initial fascination for the physical benefits developed into a deep enchantment for also the mental and spiritual benefits which brought a formerly unknown awareness and peace into her life. Ever since completing her 200h teacher training at Frog Lotus International in September 2011 she has been teaching Vinyasa Flow yoga, mostly in her home town Zurich (Switzerland) but lately also in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Barcelona, Spain.
Since 2012 she moreover works as an anatomy instructor for a yoga teacher training in Zurich, Switzerland, where she shares her passion for yoga and the anatomical background with soon-to-be yoga teachers. The discovery of her love for yin yoga, a subtler form of yoga with long held stretches and meditative mindfulness during the completion of her 500h advanced teacher training first amazed her, had she previously always preferred the more physically intensive Vinyasa flows. Now she sees the combination of teaching both Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga as a perfect balance.
Mélanie is currently living the yoga-life and is based in Barcelona, Spain. She feels honoured to now be part of the FLY teaching team, since it’s the school where she met the most inspiring yoga teachers so far.