About Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Trainings

Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Trainings offers

200 and 500 hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course

The FLY Yoga Teacher Training Course is a professional, established, comprehensive, well-organized and highly effective training program. Moreover, our Yoga Teacher Training is a profoundly transformational and life-affirming journey.

What makes our Frog Lotus Yoga Teachers Training Program exceptional is the level of experience and knowledge and talented teaching ability of founder and director, Vidya Jacqueline Heisel, E-RYT 500, SYT, who is a seasoned master teacher with forty years of teaching experience.

Vidya leads these outstanding FLY Yoga Teacher Certification Courses internationally in exotic locations, such as Bali, Guatemala, India and at Suryalila Retreat Centre, her own retreat centre and home in Southern Spain. She loves warm weather and beautiful nature and has thoughtfully selected the retreat centers, where she holds these Yoga Teacher Training retreats, to give trainees the optimal experience of a lifetime!

All of our locations offer luxurious and comfortable accommodations, gourmet vegetarian food and unbelievably beautiful settings. You will be totally taken care of and nurtured on every level.

About the Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Trainings

The Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Training is run as an intensive retreat. Apply yourself fully to living and breathing yoga for the duration of the retreat, in the company of like-minded yogis and yoginis. Expect to leave the FLY yoga teacher training fully ready to teach and brimming with inspiration and enthusiasm for your new career. At the end of the FLY Yoga Teacher Training you will not only be qualified to teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga but will also have the tools to create other styles of yoga classes, such as more basic Hatha, prenatal and restorative yoga.

Jennifer Yarro is a Senior Yoga Teacher Trainer for Frog Lotus Yoga. She holds an E-RYT 500 certification through Frog Lotus Yoga.

Jennifer is a passionate and gifted Yoga Anatomist as well as a talented and creative Yoga Instructor and Teacher Trainer. Jennifer also leads trainings in Thai Yoga Massage and Prenatal Yoga. She is the current Director of Frog Lotus Yoga Studio in North Adams and leads the FLY International trainings in Costa Rica, Bali and the USA, as well as co-teaching th FLY Advanced YTT ~Modules with Vidya.

The Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Training program has been successfully running for fifteen years, with 7 teacher trainings offered per year. It has been registered at the 200 Hour and 500 Hour level with Yoga Alliance USA since 2001. Since its inception there have been over 2000 successful graduates of the Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Training program. We are also registered with Yoga Alliance UK.

About FLY Vinyasa Flow Yoga

FLY is an acronym for Frog Lotus Yoga. FLY Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a focused, creative and intelligent flow style, with an emphasis on alignment, form and safety. It can be easily adapted to different levels and different tempos.

FLY Vinyasa Flow combines Pranayama techniques, long thorough warm-ups, creative standing flow sequences, inversions, arm-balances, seated sequences, guided savasanas and inspiring quotes. The atmosphere created in the classes is both meditative and joyful. Expect descriptive and poetic cueing into poses and solid alignment cues whilst holding the poses. The classes can be general, including a little of all the different categories of poses or they may be thematic with a deeper focus on one specific area of the body. The classes intelligently weave together elements of all of the different styles of Yoga that founder Vidya Heisel has studied including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Forrest, and Kundalini Yoga.

I had the time of my life and miss it everyday! All you need is enthusiasm and a commitment to learn and with her wealth of experience, knowledge and patience, Vidya will forge you into a yoga teacher in no time at all! Vidya provides a great space for learning and transformation to occur; she is compassionate, always approachable, and crucially present. The course material is thorough, and if you don’t already, you will seriously know your stuff by the end of it. By the time you realise you have all the confidence and tools you need to teach yoga, you’ll be smiling inside and out! I am now a very grateful yoga teacher!

Carl Faure - YogaWest, London, England

I feel absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to do my yoga teacher training with Vidya. I can’t imagine there is anyone else with as much knowledge, passion and dedication than Vidya, who shared her experience and expertise with us with such grace and in such details. The Yoga practice was incredibly inspirational and refreshing and each day she pulled something new out of the bag to challenge us. In short, the Frog Lotus Yoga teacher training retreats are nothing short of excellent.

Hayley Menzies - London, UK

I’m not sure what forces brought me here, but words fail to describe the beautiful experience you’ve put me through. When I signed up for this course I did not realise that I had signed up for this magical journey. You are a passionate, dedicated and inspiring lady, and you have deeply motivated me to radiate such warmth and positive energy; you are soft and assertive at the same time; I’m blessed to have had you as my first Guru. Thank you for everything.

Anjalika Bose - Eindhoven, Holland